Christening Invitations/Baptismal Invitations (Theme: Angels, with photos)

Christening invitations/Baptism invitations (Theme: Angels, with photos). Announce a very important and personal day for your family and your baby.

Christening invitations are family, close friends, people who you percieve will be a part of your baby's life during their development years and members of your religious organization that will be influential in their upbringing. Your personal choices determine who will receive the christening invitations for your child's ceremony.

It includes: Christening invitations, baptism invitations, baby dedication invitations, baptism announcements, christening announcements & communion invitations.

1st/Front Designs: Occasion (your child's name)

2nd Designs: Christening invitation greetings, date, time, location and reception

3rd Designs: Godmother's Name

4th Designs: Godfather's Name


denial said...

Wow!! This looks very soft, elegant tone. This religious invitation features a scroll border and cross within a heart.

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davbrown74 said...

My wife found a wonderful place to get our sons baptism invitations done. The quality of the invitations was top notch and the price was great.
We used Hopefully you can find what you need.

maddy said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous but you already knew that! You are amazning. Your designs inspire..

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cisanchal said...

wonderful christening invitations cards are there in this post i would like first as well as the fourth one to select on of these. could you give me suggestion which one is best.